Itinerary Help

Do you need help coming up with an itinerary? I know the feeling.

You need a vacation.carana wave hopping

You want to go someplace special and see unique and off-the-beaten path sights.

But you don’t have time to plan the itinerary. Does this sound familiar?

We live in a fast-paced world and what I’ve discovered while doing research for our short and long getaways is that the abundance of information actually goes against us. It’s so much easier to just have FEWER options than literally THOUSANDS of sites all serving up their own Top 5-10-25-47 Sights You Cannot Miss in Neverland.

Don’t you wish someone just SENT you a personalized itinerary? I certainly did and now I’d like to do it for you. Let me come up with the recommendation for your itinerary.

Email me at and include answers to below questions:
  • Specify if you already know where you want to go
  • Specify if you already know when you want to go
  • How many people? Kids? How old?
  • How much are you looking to spend in total?
  • What are your interests?
    • Beach hangout?
    • Culture vulture?
    • Hiker or trail blazer?
    • Other?

Don’t forget to include your name and any other pertinent information. Then, let me help you.