Who is Curious?


Welcome, curious!

My name is Elena. By day, I have a marketing career and by night – a midlife crisis.

I’ve long been a vagabond at heart, beauty-seeking collector of secret sounds, passionate digustator of international food and fine cheeses, and otherwise enthusiast of all things hedonist. Well … once I was.

Truth be told, since becoming a mom, being with my daughter had taken priority over getting lost in the mansions of Newport or the Costa Rican cloud forest. But god, I miss it. I fantasize about all the places we will soon go together as a family. I dream of figuring out this blogging thing, downshifting the daily grind to a bigger world in which my husband and I live out our restlessness for incomparable existence, complete with homeschooling our child and a beach chiringuito on the side.

Since I got bitten by the travel bug about ten years ago and became addicted to getting my travel fix, I have had the privilege to visit over 30 countries. I enjoy visiting a remote village in a neighboring state as much as a full-on adventure half way across the world. I love photography and capturing the essence of every place I go.

So this blog engagement is a bit of an experiment. My vision is to share the stories of the places of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and live out the many lives I dream of having through my writing. So no commitment to go around the world. There. I said it. I am not a blogger but…

Everything counts when it comes to exploration. Read on.

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